Health, Safety , Security and Environment

The Port of Salalah Port Authority adheres to the guiding principles of (i) Royal Decree 35/2003 promulgating the Oman Labour Law; (ii) Ministerial Decision 286/2008, and the APMT Occupational Safety & Health Management systems and beliefs in the critical principles of constant promotion, improvement of safe working practices, safety awareness and a commitment to safety on the part of every person involved.

Our Commitment

We commit to protecting our people, our business partners, the communities we work alongside and the customers we serve by ensuring Port of Salalah’s operations are carried out safely and securely with minimal impact on the environment daily. :

We achieve this commitment by:

  • Providing a safe, healthy, secure work environment.
  • Complying with relevant HSSE legal and contractual requirements, ensuring business continuity to our customers through the consistent application of effective HSSE-related processes
  • Ensuring that HSSE risk management is embedded across our operations and decision-making to secure our sustainable growth and earnings

Our Principles

We have three principles that underpin our commitments:

  • We lead with care
  • We learn and adapt
  • Our people are the experts

Our Approach

We have three principles that underpin our commitments:

  • Empowering our people
  • Leaders that challenge the traditional thinking
  • Understanding and enabling safer work
  • Managing critical risks and legal obligations

Our Leadership Responsibilities

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Our managers and leaders
  • All employees

Delivered Through

  • An HSSE Management Framework integrated within our business
  • HSSE Accountabilities & Responsibilities embedded across our business
  • Implementation of Safety Differently and Lean Principles


Port of Salalah places great importance on a terminal and cargo security to reduce risks and address threats to the global supply chain.

By implementing global security management standards and processes, use of advanced security technologies, compliance auditing, respecting our company’s Code of Conduct and living our company’s values, we enable a robust security environment for our people, our operations and our customers at Port of Salalah.

In addition, we ensure compliance with global regulatory security certifications, such as the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and the Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). We are also committed to global security initiatives, such as the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and the Container Security Initiative (CSI), raising the standard in safeguarding the operating environment at our terminals and facilities globally.