As the largest port in Oman and one of the most important hubs in the Middle East, the Port of Salalah’s Marine services function plays a crucial role in the safe and expeditious flow of vessel traffic. Port of Salalah’s position as one of the most efficient port in the world in terms of vessel turnaround time is a testament to the efficiency of our Marine services, amongst others.


Experienced pilots are always available, ready to board from launch or tug. Superior navigation safety standards are followed at all times.

Fairway & Approach Channel

Port of Salalah is entered from the northeast, between the East Breakwater and the Container Terminal. Vessels approaching from the fairway pass between a pair of light buoys and then between the head of the East Breakwater and a light buoy 0.2nm NW.

Tidal Range & Flow

Port of Salalah’s average tidal range ranges from 1.0m to 2.0m. During the monsoon season (from June to August), waves can be up to 4.0m.