Port of Salalah celebrates 14 summer trainees in its 11th year 2013-09-10

Port of Salalah has received 14 students from Salalah's universities and colleges as part of its summer internship program which has been sustained each year from 2002until 2013 as part of the company's commitment to investing and training local talent.

In a celebration held recently at the port, presided by Ahmed Akaak, Acting CEO of the Port of Salalah, three of the 14 interns were awarded for top research presentations which were delivered in front of the managers, officials and specialists attending the ceremony.

The summer internship program is managed by the Training Department at the port which coordinates with the neighboring educational institutions to set high qualification standards, as well as with the port's internal departments to ensure that the interns make the most of their training period through exposure, mentorship and information-sharing.

The Port of Salalah's annual comprehensive internship program for students includes an induction on the port profile and safety training, courtesy insurance, and a proportional salary for service during the 2-month training, among other benefits.

The summer internship program began at the Port of Salalah in 2002 to provide on-job training exposure and experience to the growing population of the Dhofar region's higher education students. Over 150 students have taken part since the start of the port's summer internship program.