Port of Salalah container terminal reaches new milestone in productivity 2019-08-14

The Port of Salalah, Oman’s major regional gateway port and transshipment hub on the Arabian Sea, set another record in productivity with a delivering 412.97 Port Moves per Hour (PMPH) on vessel Cap San Tainaro handling 3,820 moves in a port stay of 9.25 hours. This is the highest productivity delivered by any port in the region till date.

Mr. Mark Hardiman, Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Salalah stated “We are delighted to have reached this new record in productivity. This milestone could not have been achieved without the close coordination and outstanding teamwork between the teams in Maersk Regional Operations Cluster in Dubai, the Global Stowage Center and Port of Salalah. The customer centric approach and commitment of SPS employees has been the key to our continued success. We continue to place a very high emphasis on safety and focus on continuously improving our processes to deliver world class productivity. In the competitive environment of transshipment business, delivering these levels of performance enhances the overall value proposition of Salalah to the shipping line in terms of network cost savings and reliability.”

In the meanwhile the port continues to roll out its Capacity augmentation and Asset Replacement program and has committed to capex of about OMR 12 Million (USD 31 Million) in the last one year alone.