Port of Salalah Marks Safety Day 2018-05-02

The Port of Salalah celebrated its annual Safety Day, with this year's theme being “Stronger and Safer Together” on May 2nd, 2018. The celebration comes as part of the annual programs of the port to raise the level of awareness of safety measures and precautions among the staff to prevent injuries, accidents and property loss. This included highlighting the various risks and accidents and their consequences.

On this occasion, Andrew Dawes, chief executive officer of Port of Salalah said, “The aim of the Safety Day is to reemphasis on the importance of health and safety to protect all the port staff and contractors to provide a safe environment and an environment where everyone takes care of each other.”

The campaign aimed at acquainting staff and contractors with safety measures and requirements and the importance of compliance with the same, as well as safe driving and operation of vehicles and equipment to prevent work accidents.

A program of events was organized by the HSSE Department, which included various activities, such as watching movies about safe driving and presentations given by the operations departments; the campaign also included competitions on the theme of safety and prizes were given away to participants; there were also an awareness program conducted by civil defense on fire prevention. Special campaigns involved raising staff awareness of modern international requirements, practices and criteria with regards to safety through displays and presentations by the competent staff of the port.