Port of Salalah safety success extends beyond port boundaries 2014-03-09

Press releases

  • Port of Salalah has crossed its previous safety record of 170 days and is nearing a milestone of achieving over 250 days with no LTI (lost-time-injury). The safety ownership culture change has been visible in achievements both on the port grounds and within the community service dedication presented by the port’s HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) department. 

     Over 1500 people had visited the port’s stand at the Traffic Safety Exhibition held at the Sultan Qaboos School in Salalah held from 18 to 20 of February, where children and adult attendees were introduced to the latest technology in port safety equipment displayed by the Port of Salalah. 

     Radar speed guns, solar-powered traffic safety cones, and unique traffic safety bags were some of the up-to-date safety equipment that was demonstrated to the attendees by the port’s HSE department representatives. The port’s employees also delivered presentations in first-aid, firefighting and traffic safety to select groups of students and government visitors. 

     “It is crucial for industry representatives in safety to show the tools and access to safety technology to the public in a positive way. Getting the youth involved in the shaping of the future of safety is what this field always needs. We’re proud that Port of Salalah plays a very active role in collaborating with government, educational and private sectors as an extension of the safety culture that’s deployed within the port,” said Ahmed Akaak, Acting CEO at the Port of Salalah. 

    • The HSE department at the Port of Salalah has consistently offered free trainings to local companies, schools and non-government universities in an effort to communicate its viewpoint on safety ownership being everyone’s responsibility, that working safely is a condition of employment, and that all work related injuries and illnesses are preventable. 

       Following the Traffic Safety exhibition, the port’s HSE department also conducted a complimentary training to 16 employees from Marriott Resort in Mirbat on first aid and safety training at end February. This month the department has confirmed its participation in the GCC Road Safety Week exhibitions that will take part in Salalah.  

       “Participating in these demonstrations is a great example of what safety should be – it’s not only about rules, but about innovations and overall benefit to the community,” added Mohammed al Maashani, Senior Manager HSE at the Port of Salalah. 

       Caption: Ali Tabook, HSE Support at the Port of Salalah, mans the traffic safety stall.