Port of Salalah welcomed the World’s largest container vessel, the MSC ELOANE 2016-12-13

Commissioned in 2016, the MSC Eloane boasts an overall length of 400meters and a maximum capacity of 19,462 containers and is the third in a series of the Megaships built by MSC. The Port of Salalah, a major regional gateway port and transshipment hub on the Arabian Sea, is one of a select number Ports globally that has the capability of handling ships as large as the MSC Eloane.

This is yet another milestone for the Port of Salalah in 2016 and an indication on the overall trend in the global shipping market. International Shipping Companies are vying to create economies of scale by building larger vessels and deploying them on their major trade lanes. The Port of Salalah is uniquely fitted to receive these vessels with a strategic location on the East West Trade Lanes and World Class Container Terminal operations.