Salalah Port Supports Bread Project in Liaison with Bahja Orphan Society 2015-07-06

During the holy month of Ramadhan, Salalah Port has coordinated with Bahja Orphan Society in Dhofar to support the Bread Project, which is just one of the many charitable projects undertaken by the society.

The project consists of distributing bread to orphan households in collaboration with nearby bakeries. A total of 110 households benefited from the project. The Port will bear the cost of the whole project. The agreement was signed by the Port and the Society represented by Mr. Mohammed bin Aufeet al Mashani and Mr. Abdul Rab bin Salim al Yafai, respectively.

Mr. al Mashani stated that the Port has taken upon itself to support community service projects, and in particular those that extend help to orphans. He added that Bahja Orphan Society deserves praise and respect for serving this section of the society.