Port of Salalah Safety Day 2017-04-24

Under the theme of "24/7 ", the Port of Salalah (POS) held the Annual Safety Day. Safety Day is part of the annual plans and programs of the POS which aims at improving safety concepts that preclude incidents, accidents, and damages to people and property.

The ongoing safety improvements by the POS Management pays particular attention to employee behavior at all levels including Training, Risk Assessments SOPs, and general ownership which help enhance all general principles in the Port.

On this Occasion, Mr. David Gledhill, CEO of POS said, "The aim of the Global Safety Day is to focus on the importance of health and safety to protect everyone including employee’s visitors and contractors. This year’s theme is very important as we are a 24hour operation and highlighting the benefits of good diet, health eating and physical fitness is sometimes overlooked." Mr. Gledhill also praised the efforts of all concerned staff who implemented the best practices that bring positive results and achieved continuous improvement in this very important area of our business.

Mr. Ahmed Akaak, the DCEO of POS confirmed that, "On this occasion we concentrate to enhancing the safety culture and behavior at the workplaces." He also said that, "This comes as part of the Port intention to deepen and consolidate the concept of safety culture, and increase safety awareness. It also provides a healthy environment where the welfare of our staff continues to remain high on the agenda"

Mr David Wilson General Manager HSSE said that the port is committed to the safety of its staff and visitors and together with continued education and support and a culture that promotes safe healthy people then the Port of Salalah will continue to achieve sustainable success and a safe environment to work in.